Crippled with nerves single

Crippled with Nerves / Huffety Puff

Kilburn and the High Roads

Single, 7” vinyl (November)

Dawn Records/Pye DNS 1102

These two tracks are available for download at Amazon on the Handsome album.

Handsome front cover


Kilburn and the High Roads

Album, vinyl (June)

Side one:

  1. The Roadette Song
  2. Pam’s Moods
  3. Crippled with Nerves
  4. Broken Skin
  5. Upminster Kid

Side two:

  1. Patience (So What?)
  2. Father
  3. Thank you, Mum
  4. Rough Kids
  5. The Badger and the Rabbit
  6. The Mumble Rumble and the Cocktail Rock

Dawn Records/Pye DNLS 3065

Re-issued November 1985 on Flashback FBLP/ZCFBL 8094

Available to download at Amazon: Handsome: Kilburn and the High Roads